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Why Fibre Turf?
Fibre Turf Fibre Turf Fibre Turf Fibre Turf Fibre Turf Fibreturf is a fibre reinforced high strength growing medium giving enhanced wear properties to natural turf.
Fibreturf is an ideal alternative for applications that need to be resistant to pedestrian or vehicular traffic wear yet do not warrant the cost of hard paved solutions such as asphalt or concrete. Unlike these materials, Fibreturf is easier and cheaper to install and can be easily modified once laid, or removed and reinstalled at another location, giving it unsurpassed flexibility and longevity in use.

The use of polymer fibres gives immediate and immense three-dimensional strength and stability to the rootzone and being rot-proof they act as a mass of indestructible roots both reinforcing and protecting the natural turf. Fertilisers and weedkillers have no adverse effect on the fibres. The fibres have a dramatic effect in reducing wear, penetration and compaction due to surface traffic, which helps to maintain a safe, rut - resistant alternative to normal hard paving solutions.

Organic Material
Organic material such as soil or peat acts as a nutrient source vital to the healthy growth of natural turf. It also provides a buffer against the effects of drought during hot, dry summer conditions by aiding moisture retention, without affecting normal drainage characteristics. The type of organic material selected is again dependant upon local environmental and climatic considerations.

Sand gives the rootzone its necessary free-draining characteristics so that any surface water resulting from heavy rainfall is removed as quickly as possible.
The grade of silica sand will vary dependant upon local environmental and climatic factors but in all cases will have been chosen to give a hard, clean, narrow-graded material, capable of meeting your specified drainage requirements.