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Landscape Synethics
Landscape Synethics Sportworks synthetic surfaces are the most hi-tech surfaces adhering to the utmost in quality. We can supply a variety of custom built synthetic grass surfaces suitable for a large range of sporting options including tennis, rugby, cricket, hockey and soccer;

Landscape Synethics
  • The pictures illustrate landscape synthetic surfaces that have both a domestic and commercial application. The products in the photos are of the more realistic long pile synthetic surfaces.

  • Landscape Synethics
  • There are other options which include shorter piled sand dressed landscape synthetic surfaces whch can be used for ramps, pathways etc.

  • Landscape Synethics
  • All products are UV resistent and have a expected lifespan of 10+ years. Advice can be offered in regard to the required construction of base on which the synthetic surface will be installed.

  • Surfaces are perfect for areas on which children will be playing and for areas with dogs. A shock pad can be provided if their is a higher requirement for safety i.e. playgground etc.