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Line Marking
Sportworks - Line marking SportWorks is a total sports surfaces company and as part of our extensive list of services we provide, we offer a comprehensive professional pitch presentation service. As part of this service line marking is an important corner stone. Sportworks - Line marking SportWorks offer a complete line marking service which includes line marking machine sales, marking fluid sales and an application service for all sports grounds, carparks, indoor sports halls and any events which require line marking i.e. green field events etc. Sportworks - Line marking SportWorks offer a comprehensive after sales service which includes advising customers on line marking techniques, machine servicing and repairs. SportWorks is currently the only producer of line marking fluid in Ireland and as we have been Sportworks - Line markingproviding line marking solutions for our clients for nearly 20 years we are confident that our grounds maintenance staff have both the necessary skill and attention to detail.

SportWorks can provide the following services in the areas of linemarking:
  • Hardcourt Markings
  • Natural Grass Markings
  • Synthetic Surface Markings
  • Car Park Markings
  • Event/Festival Markings
  • Colour Coating Tennis Courts
  • Industrial Surface Marking i.e. warehouses etc.
  • Indoor Courts
  • Specialist colours i.e. green, red etc.