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Linemarking Fluid
The ultimate marking compound made from the best pigment resulting in brilliant white lines. We supply a full range of environmentally friendly marking fluids, that disperse with water saving you both time and money.
Linemarking Product Profiles
Linemarking Fluid Linemarking Fluid Linemarking Fluid Linemarking Fluid
  • Superbrite NO.1
    The finest marking compound used by professional clubs. This product is currently being used in Croke Park and the new AVIVA Stadium. Made from the best pigments and binder, it results in a bright white line that outlasts all its competitors. This product is suitable for all machines. This product is supplied in 10 litre containers. Recommended: Initial Mark 4:1 over mark up to 10:1

  • Ready to Use (Transfer Wheel Marking Fluid)
    Water resistant and suitable for use in any transfer wheel or belt transfer marking machines. This product is supplied in 20 litre containers.

  • All Weather (Synthetic Grass Marking Fluid)
    An especially formulated marking compound that binds to synthetic playing surfaces, due to the specifically selected raw materials it ensures that the fluid will have a long last affect..

  • Hard Surface Paint
    High quality water based anti-slip formulated for exterior use. This product is ideal for tarmac and concrete surfaces e.g. tennis courts, car parks, runways and safety lines.

  • Tennis Courts
    An anti-slip water based paint with added fungicide. This product is available in a vast amount of colours; however, we would recommend the traditional mint green and brick red colours for tennis courts.

  • Specialised Contract Marking
    SportWorks offer a comprehensive linemarking service which includes natural playing fields, hard court marking, synthetic surface marking, fire lanes for festival events and can supply specialist advice for movies or any other specialist linemarking requirements.

  • Line Marking Machines
    SportWorks have linemarking machines available for purchase. Staff can offer advice on the various options available to our customers. The machines available are as follows: