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We specialise in a wide range of synthetic surfaces.

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Synthetic Surfaces
Sportworks - Synethic Surfaces Sportworks specialise in a wide range of synthetic surfaces. Synthetic surfaces can be supplied or supplied and installed. We have a division solely responsible for the installation and maintenance of synthetic surfaces.

Sportworks - Synethic SurfacesUsing an SMG sandmatic to place infill into the carpet insures that infill is placed at the correct rate. Sportworks maintenance have extensive knowledge of maintaining synthetic surfaces to the highest of standards.

Sportworks - Synethic Surfaces All aspects of synthetic surface installation and maintenance is conducted with in Sportworks insuring total quality control. Sportworks can provide the following synthetic surfaces:


  • Sand-Dressed
  • Sand-filled
  • Waterbased

Other Uses

  • Bowling Greens
  • Tennis
  • Landscape Turf
  • Cricket Surfaces

  • FAI Community Standard
  • FIFA 1 Star
  • FIFA 2 Star


  • IRB Compliant Surfaces

Gaelic Games
  • GAA Compliant Surfaces
Shock Pads
  • In-situ shock pads
  • Prefabricated shock pads
Sportworks - Synethic Surfaces