Pitch Construction

Sportworks specialise in all aspects of sports field design and construction. All the elements of design and constructions are conducted within Sportworks, giving our clients total quality assurance. Sportworks are experts in laser level technology and this has been demonstrated on many succesful projects.

Design Services

  • Total Station Surveying
  • Production of Project Maps
  • Production of As Built Drawings
  • Production of Project Specifications
  • Production of Tender Documents
  • Project Supervision
  • Production of Site Signage, both Health and Safety and Advertising

Construction Services

  • Excavation
  • Sub-Base Preperation
  • All aspects of Sports Field Drainage
  • General Ground Works Regarding Installation of Flood-Lighting Foundations etc.
Pitch Construction 1
Pitch Construction 2
Pitch Construction 3
Pitch Construction 4

Natural Turf Surface Preperation

  • Stone Picking
  • Laser Levelling
  • Cultivation
  • Seed Bed Preperation
  • Seeding to Correct Dept.

Synthetic Turf Surface Preperation

  • Stone Levelling Using Advanced Laser Technology
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