Titan Spray Line Marker

1 Year Warranty Badge for Athletics BoomThe Titan spray line marker is a hand built, well balanced and very robust spray line marker offering high specification and exceptional value for money.

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Titan Spray Line Marker

Developed in consultation with a professional groundsman.

The Titan spray line marker is a hand built, well balanced and very robust spray line marker offering high specification and exceptional value for money.

Whether its single or multi-pitch line marking, the TITAN spray line marker will deliver a smooth, constant and even spray line marking performance. The battery has a long powerful life and will drive the pump for a full days marking from a single charge. The pump is both efficient and economical and when used in conjunction with the variable pressure valve, enables the groundsman to control the volume of paint delivered to the twin spray heads for a dense professional line or a variable more economical line.

The Titan spray line marker is designed so components can be easily accessed. The battery is easily removed and can be charged independently from the machine.

The TITAN spray line marker is also suitable for use on hard surfaces such as tarmac, for marking out car parking spaces etc. Please note that the paint to be used for this purpose is the Perma-Mark. Please call our technical sales team on (01) 841 3281 to enquire about Perma-Mark paint.

Titan Spray Line Marker Features Include

Titan Spray Marker - Hood OpenTitan Spray Marker - Foldable

The Grassline Titan offers a variable line width of 50mm, 75mm or 100mm (2, 3 and 4 inch)


    • Integral Mixing System
      The Titan’s spray line marker tank holds 30 litres of mixed marking paint and has an integral mixing system as standard. Mix the paint and pour into the tank or mix directly in the tank and switching on the integral mixing system. The system is activated by use of the pressure valve lever located under the hood which opens/closes the system.When activated, the paint will by pass the spray heads and return back into the tank. The pressure valve lever can also be used to regulate the pump pressure if required and reduce the volume of paint being delivered to the spray heads for more economical line marking. The quantity of paint being sprayed can be reduced to a minimum of approximately 600ml per minute


    • Twin Spray Heads
      You can choose to use a single spray for normal line marking or both sprays for a double spray line marking delivery but in a single pass. Economical too!! Each spray head delivers an approximate economical 790ml of mixed marking paint per minute.


    • Floating Spray Boom
      The spray boom has vertical movement. This allows it to ‘float’ and the spray gliders to remain in contact with the ground and ride the natural undulations producing even, dense, lines with a crisp clean edge.


    • For vehicle transportation and non marking
      Movement around the sports ground, the Floating boom can be secured in the elevated Position to avoid damaging the spray gliders and spray heads.


  • Cleaning the Titan spray line marker
    The Grassline Titan spray line marker should be thoroughly cleaned after each marking session. This cleaning process need only take a couple of minutes. The tank is fitted with a drain plug underneath. Remove and flush out with clean water. With the drain plug replaced, fill the tank with a little clean water and pump through the spray heads until the spray is clear. The Titan spray line marker is supplied with a FREE bottle of Titan Power Clean – a cleaning additive to ensure that all paint is removed during the cleaning process.

For further information regarding our Titan Spray Line Marker, contact our technical sales team today on +353 1 841 3281.

Weight 30 kg


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